NBA Play of the Day: Lin Feeds Greg Smith For Powerful Slam

NBA Play of the Day: Lin Feeds Greg Smith For Powerful Slam

8:30 am

8399197Jeremy Lin provided us a lot of excitement last February when the league needed a jolt of positive publicity after the lockout. The Linsanity phenomenon got even the non-basketball watching fans aboard the train. It eventually earned him a nice contract with the Rockets and a roster spot that he won’t lose again unless he plays really, really poorly. These days, while we still see flashes of brilliance from Jeremy Lin, he’s been pretty ordinary.

Greg Smith went undrafted in the 2011 NBA Draft. He played in Mexico and then the D-League before he got signed by the Houston Rockets in that same February month Linsanity exploded. Now he does well as a back-up big man for the Rockets, averaging 6.5 points and 4.1 boards in only 14 minutes per game.

Also, Smith can jump a little bit. It’s evident in their game against the New Orleans Hornets on Wednesday night.

In the second quarter, Lin brought the ball down. Patrick Patterson and Toney Douglas set some screens and it confused the Hornets. Lin blew by Ryan Anderson and Brian Roberts. Jason Smith appeared in the middle to try to stop Lin. Lin then looked to the left where Patterson was, who looked wide open for a jumper.

Greg Smith was also wide open under the basket since Jason Smith left him. Lin knew Greg Smith was open. He threw a no-look pass to Greg.

Then Greg Smith rose up and powered the ball down the hoop and on Jason Smith. What a facial it was. And what a brutal Smith-on-Smith crime that was. Lin threw a fantastic pass. Greg Smith threw down an even more outstanding dunk.

The Rockets would go on to beat the Hornets, 104-92. And they also get to have the Play of the Day. Both Rockets that went undrafted got together for this beauty. And what a play it was.