NBA Play of the Day: Kings’ James Johnson Beats The Knicks

NBA Play of the Day: Kings’ James Johnson Beats The Knicks

10:30 am

8470587This was quite a wild finish (wild game, really) in Friday night’s contest between the New York Knicks and Sacramento Kings at Arco Arena. I mean, Power Balance Pavilion. Er, I really meant Sleep Train Arena.

The Kings led as many as 27 points in the game! But somehow, the Knicks came all the way back and even led the game by four in the waning minutes. The Kings cut it to 105-103 and needed a stop as they were going to get the ball back.

Jason Kidd ran the clock down and then tried to execute a pick-and-roll with Tyson Chandler. Kidd lobbed it to Chandler but DeMarcus Cousins stole the ball and passed it down to Isaiah Thomas on the break. Thomas and Cousins played a little two-man fastbreak but Thomas missed on the bank shot badly. Cousins tipped the rebound out to Thomas with about seven seconds left and it set the stage for this incredible finish.

Thomas threw a bad jump pass to John Salmons, who was parked at the corner. The Knicks were able to recover and defend Salmons. Salmons then threw another jump pass and was nearly picked off by Steve Novak. However, James Johnson got to the ball and put up the shot with time winding down.

And the ball went in. Johnson was behind the arc. The Kings won by one. Game over.

That was James Johnson’s first three of the season.

The Knicks can appreciate that buzzer-beater. After all, J.R. Smith did it for New York in their previous game. It was the second game in a row New York was involved in a game-winning shot. Too bad, the second game didn’t go their way.

All you can really do is shake your head at the finish. The Kings blew a 27-point lead and yet still came away with the win. Wacky, wacky game. Props to James Johnson for converting that three-pointer.