NBA Play Of The Day: Kevin Durant Throws Down The Power Slam

NBA Play Of The Day: Kevin Durant Throws Down The Power Slam

1:39 pm

8443940Kevin Durant from the Oklahoma City Thunder is known for his smooth shooting stroke. But as of late, he’s been showing a lot more than just shooting; his all-around game has been on display throughout this season. Durant could very well win the Most Valuable Player award this year as well as a fourth straight scoring title.

His all-around game also includes his flight game.

In the Friday night game between the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Sacramento Kings, the Kings jumped to a 23-9 start. But this one play might have ignited the quick comeback.

The Kings’ Jason Thompson threw a bad pass and the ball went to Kevin Durant’s hands. Durant brought the ball down with ease as he galloped down the middle. Russell Westbrook was running down the left and Serge Ibaka was running down the right. Isaiah Thomas and Thompson were the only Kings back and they wondered whether they should take the guys running down each side.

Before they could even make up their minds, Durant continued to run down the middle and threw down a devastating power slam that everyone in Arco Arena/Power Balance Pavilion/Sleep Train Arena heard. Durant jumped above the dotted line, too. That’s some freakish hops.

The Kings’ lead was quickly erased and the Thunder ended up winning, 105-95. Durant went for 24 points in that game. But I’m sure everyone in Sacramento is still buzzing over that Durant dunk. I know I am.