NBA Play of the Day: Jamal Crawford Brought Shakes For Christmas

NBA Play of the Day: Jamal Crawford Brought Shakes For Christmas

11:30 am

8405692There were so many plays to choose from the Nuggets/Clippers game alone! We could pick from the plethora of Blake Griffin, Matt Barnes, and DeAndre Jordan dunks. It’s always fun when we see those guys throw it down. After all, that’s what Lob City is all about.

But we decided to choose a play from the Clippers’ dynamo sixth man, Jamal Crawford. He’s been doing this for a long time but now that he’s in a big market where a team is thriving (yes, the Clippers!), his moves get a lot more pub these days.

The Clippers were on the break (of course, they were!) when Jamal Crawford ran down the right side of the court where the Nuggets’ Andre Miller was waiting. Crawford then dribbled the ball between his legs. Miller tried not to fall for it but Crawford immediately put the ball behind his back. That left Miller frozen. Crawford got the lay-up with no problems as Miller just watched helplessly.

The players who were watching took to Twitter about this move.

Even the great Isiah Thomas could do nothing but love the former Sixth Man of the Year award-winner. Crawford’s crossover moves are among the best in the league (hence his Twitter name, @jcrossover). Not only do you get lobs and dunks galore in Clipper Nation but you also get the sweet handles of Jamal Crawford and, of course, the best point guard in the game, Chris Paul. The Clips went on to win the game, 112-100, in what was mostly a blowout.

While those crossover moves are sweet and all, Crawford has something else in mind.

14 meaning the Clippers have won 14 games in a row. The Clippers are a league-best 22-6 as they have become the undisputed best team in the league. Not only do they bring the style but they bring substance, too.

And Jamal Crawford can definitely style.