NBA Play of the Day: J.R. Smith Puts In A Power Reverse...

NBA Play of the Day: J.R. Smith Puts In A Power Reverse Alley-Oop

8:00 am

8480489Oh, J.R. You have been on this column so many times. But you keep wowing us with your spectacular moves. How can we actually choose another player on here when the Knicks are playing?

In any case, the New York Knicks were beating the San Antonio Spurs in the fourth quarter. In fact, the game was nearly academic; the Knicks were up by 18 points halfway through the final period. And if there was any way to insult the Spurs even further, well, the Knicks did it in their own fashionable way.

Point guard Pablo Prigioni had been having an excellent game. He was dribbling the ball with the Spurs’ Patty Mills right in front of him. Amar’e Stoudemire set a screen for Prigioni. Then Prigioni drove to his right as Boris Diaw picked him up. Stoudemire started to roll to the basket.

As you can also see, Nando De Colo took his eyes off the guy he was guarding. I suppose it was to help out on Prigioni running in but the problem was that De Colo left somebody open. Stoudemire was going to be open, too, with Diaw and Mills taking a look at Prigioni.

De Colo looked at the spot where his guy was. The guy was gone.

The guy he was guarding? J.R. Smith.

Prigioni threw a short lob… then J.R. caught it from his waist with two hands then brought it back up with his right hand and powered it in with a reverse jam. The Knicks bench jumped up in delight as they saw yet another freakish play from J.R.

The Knicks would go on to defeat the Spurs, 100-83. But that dunk by J.R. was quite spectacular that you’re going to want to watch it 20 times in a row. J.R. Smith keeps adding to his highlight mix in his 2012-13 season.