NBA Play of the Day: J.R. Smith Gets Another Game-Winning Shot

NBA Play of the Day: J.R. Smith Gets Another Game-Winning Shot

8:00 am

8494783J.R. Smith has already beaten the buzzer once earlier this month. His game-winner against Charlotte at the beginning of December. With Carmelo Anthony not playing, it seemed like he would make the most sense to be the go-to guy for the Knicks when #7 isn’t suited up.

Well, Carmelo was out once again against the Phoenix Suns.

Anyway, the Suns had a chance to win it as the teams were tied at 97. Unfortunately, Sebastian Telfair stepped out of bounds with one second left. It was a costly mistake as we have seen wacky things happen all over the place. All players need is 0.4 seconds to get a shot off. The Knicks had exactly one second left.

Jason Kidd was inbounding the ball. J.R. Smith ran around a somewhat poor screen by Tyson Chandler; it did bump the Suns’ P.J. Tucker a bit. Smith received the ball and put up an off-balance 21-footer as soon as he caught it. Tucker defended as well as he could.

It didn’t matter. Ballgame. The Knicks won.

That was the second time this month that J.R. Smith had a game-winning shot. He has become reliable even though he puts up some of the wackiest shots there is.

Smith had 27 points to end the game. There is no question how talented he is as an NBA player. Hopefully, his antics calm down a little bit and he continues to do what he does best when he’s focused: score, score, and score some more.

The Knicks beat the Suns, 99-97, despite Jared Dudley’s 36-point night. That was one way to recover for New York after the Lakers beat them in an emotional game at Staples Center on Christmas Day. The Knicks go to 21-8 and stay within pace with the Heat as they continue to have the second best record in the East.