NBA Play of the Day: J.J. Hickson Gives Alonzo Gee The Business

NBA Play of the Day: J.J. Hickson Gives Alonzo Gee The Business

9:58 am

8415543J.J. Hickson has been a double-double machine this entire season for Portland Trail Blazers. Nothing too fancy about him; he just does his work.

Well, here’s something about his work that everyone in the NBA can appreciate.

It was the third quarter of the game between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Portland Trail Blazers on Wednesday night. The Blazers were down double digits at the time. LaMarcus Aldridge got the rebound off a Cavalier miss. Then Portland ran a three-on-two break. Damian Lillard had the ball on the left side. Nicolas Batum was on the right side and Hickson was trailing down the middle.

It was hard to make a pass to Batum so Lillard made the pass to the trailing Hickson. Alonzo Gee looked at Lillard as he made the pass and then turned his eyes toward Hickson. All Gee could do was try to stop the taller Hickson.

Well, at least he tried? Hickson, who is stronger and taller, brought the ball down with two hands through the rim and slammed it on Gee’s mug. Gee fell down after the impact. That’s what you call a facial dunk. Even worse, Gee was called for the foul.

That three-point play would cut the lead down to single digits. But Cleveland held on to beat the Blazers, 93-88, because of Kyrie Irving’s wizardry. We, however, are not going to ignore J.J. Hickson’s play. He got 13 points and 11 boards in that game.

And Hickson also got Play of the Day for Wednesday night.