NBA Play of the Day: Durant Throws Down The Hammer On Gortat

NBA Play of the Day: Durant Throws Down The Hammer On Gortat

4:40 pm

8378185Kevin Durant is known for his silky-smooth shooting and his ability to score a ton. But once in a while, he can throw it down, too.

The Oklahoma City Thunder and the Phoenix Suns were dueling it out on a Monday night. Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook took over the fourth quarter and went on a huge run late in the game.

Durant then had the ball with the usually spaced-out Michael Beasley guarding him on top. Then Durant went to his left and went down the wide-open middle lane. Marcin Gortat then had to help out. Initially, it looked like he was going to take a charge. Then he changed his mind and decided to challenge Durant. But it didn’t matter. Kevin Durant was already up high in the air and threw it down on the Polish Hammer’s mug. As you can see in the video, Kendrick Perkins really enjoyed that because, well, he’s seen that kind of dunk before in front of his face.

The Thunder would go on to beat the Suns, 102-90. Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook scored the first 28 of 30 points of the final quarter for the Thunder. Westbrook would have a fantastic line of 36 points, eight rebounds, and five assists. Kevin Durant went for 41 points.

But two of those 41 points will definitely be remembered. Sorry, Marcin Gortat. And Michael Beasley, maybe you should pay attention more on defense.