NBA Play of the Day: DeAndre Jordan Catches Lob From The Rafters

NBA Play of the Day: DeAndre Jordan Catches Lob From The Rafters

10:10 am

8490830We can’t say enough about the Clippers. Winners of 16 straight going into their game against Utah in Staples, the Clippers keep putting on a show. Not just with substance but with style as well.

And it’s always hard to pick the Play of the Day when the Clippers are involved. They usually have four or five good highlights that can be picked as Play of the Day.

For this one, though, we’ll pick this particular play.

Chris Paul bats away a Jamaal Tinsley pass as Utah attempted to go on a fastbreak. The ball ended up in DeAndre Jordan’s hands. Jordan handed off the ball to Willie Green before Green passed the ball to Paul. Jordan was going down the middle untouched. Paul was running down on the right side. You know what was coming next.

As Paul threw the lob, Al Jefferson can only look up… then look down. DeAndre caught the ball from the rafters and brought down the thunder. Yet another Lob City masterpiece.

If you’re a basketball fan (and especially if you’re a Los Angeles Clippers fan), you can’t get tired of this beautiful basketball they are playing. The Clippers have become the talk of the league… and deservedly so.

The Clippers went on to beat the Jazz in a physical contest, 107-96. The Los Angeles Clippers, coached by Vinny Del Negro, have won 17 straight games. Doesn’t that sound like the strangest thing ever? Not only did the Clippers win 17 in a row… but the much-maligned Vinny Del Negro is the coach of the Clipper team that won 17 straight contests. Quite amazing. To be fair, Del Negro has grown as a coach and you have to give credit where credit is due. He’s doing all the right things with this team and while it helps to have Chris Paul and Chauncey Billups on the squad, Del Negro knows when not to interfere and micromanage on a squad that doesn’t need as much managing due to having coaches on the floor.

By the way, I don’t think DeAndre has come down from that dunk yet. He was probably the one that put Jamaal Wilkes’ jersey on the rafters in the first place.