NBA Play of the Day: CP3 Throws Halfcourt Alley-Oop To Jordan

NBA Play of the Day: CP3 Throws Halfcourt Alley-Oop To Jordan

11:13 am

8132582I must say that when the Clippers are playing, it’s like other highlights and plays by the other teams don’t matter. The Clippers are just quite a show. Now that they’re actually really good, these highlights look even better. They’ve become a must-see NBA team and who would’ve thought that a few years ago? After drafting Blake Griffin and then acquiring Chris Paul (even if the NBA had to go through “basketball reasons”), the Clippers have become sensations. Without a doubt, they’re a title contender.

So it’s no surprise that our Play of the Day, for probably the 1,000th time this season, goes to the Clippers.

I mean, you can check out the whole video by yourself if you want. My pick for Play of the Day starts out at around 0:21.

The Clippers were putting on a show against the Warriors at Staples Center. They were winning by a million points in the third quarter but Golden State was trying to put up a fight. Jarrett Jack and Draymond Green tried to trap Chris Paul near the halfcourt line and the sideline. It was actually quite an effective trap. As this was going on, DeAndre Jordan was wide open at the top of the key. He cut to the basket unimpeded.

Then Paul somehow threw a jump pass to the rim. From nearly halfcourt. A wide open Jordan caught the ball and threw it down. The dunk was great, yes, but the pass was incredibly difficult and amazing. Passing over two guys trying to trap you? At halfcourt? And Paul somehow made an accurate jump pass? So awesome. I’m running out of adjectives to describe this.

The Clippers went on to beat the Warriors to the tune of 115-89. And it was such a hard choice to pick one play because you know how the Clippers are when they play a game. They devastate you with alley-oop dunks all over the place and that well-oiled machine of an offense gets going because of their fantastic team defense. The Clippers are a marvelous team to watch.