NBA News: Lakers Remain “Prominent” In Dwight Howard’s Mind

NBA News: Lakers Remain “Prominent” In Dwight Howard’s Mind

7:48 am

USATSI_8346429_154224518_lowresWith Dwight Howard set to make his decision on which team will suit up for the next half-decade, there has been loads of speculation about where he may end up. Up until Tuesday morning, it appeared as if the Houston Rockets had the inside track to

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land the big man’s services, but according to Adrian Wojnarowski, the Lakers remain “prominent” in Dwight’s mind.

It’s hard to imagine anyone knowing what’s going through Howard’s mind at the moment, but Howard could be having a change of heart and could end up staying with the Lakers. Reports earlier this week suggested that the Lakers pitch for him was much better than expected.

The Rockets still have the best core to surround Howard with at the moment, but the Lakers plan has been geared around 2014, where they’ll have an abundance of cap space to sign a high end free-agent.

Only time will tell what Howard decision will be, but time is nearing an end with his decision coming sometime today. The future of several franchises will be changed dramatically depending on the news that breaks today.


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