NBA Fantasy Focus: January 8th – Waiver Wire Pick-Up Choices

NBA Fantasy Focus: January 8th – Waiver Wire Pick-Up Choices

4:14 pm

8489908Let’s check out some players that had some good games but are somehow under your fantasy basketball radar.

Wayne Ellington (SG), Memphis Grizzlies

Ellington shot a scintillating 10-11 from the field and 6-7 from behind the arc for a total of 26 points against Sacramento on Monday night. But just look at that as a one-off. Take a look at his past games; that was the first time he broke double digits in nearly three weeks. So, yes, I know how it is; you see one player go off for one huge game and you automatically hope that it’s the start of something. But the bottom line is that he gets inconsistent minutes and comes off the bench to back Tony Allen up, who is a big part of their defense. So, yeah, I don’t recommend you picking him up unless you’re in a real deep league.

Alan Anderson (SG), Toronto Raptors

Anderson has actually been having a decent season, scoring-wise. He’s averaging 12.0 point per game this season although he’s shooting pretty badly at under 39 percent. His three-point percentage is pretty decent at just over 35 percent. So if you count field goal percentage, it’s probably not a good idea to pick him up. But he’s also scored back-to-back 20-point games (27 against Oklahoma City on Sunday) so he might be worth a look if you need depth on your shooting guard or small forward positions.

Carlos Boozer (PF), Chicago Bulls

Boozer can be a little maddening but as of late, he has been on fire. He’s had three 20-10 games in a row and five straight double-doubles overall. It’s a no-brainer to get him if he was somehow let go by a frustrated fantasy basketball owner. But in the meantime, he’s been killing it on both scoring and rebounding.

Bismack Biyombo (PF), Charlotte Bobcats

Biyombo had 10 points and 17 boards against Detroit on Sunday but he’s been pretty inconsistent in terms of his scoring and playing time. However, he is pretty consistent on his rebounding no matter how much playing time he gets. If you’re in a deep league and you need help on rebounds, Biyombo could be a nice pick-up. That’s all you’ll probably get from him, though.

Tristan Thompson (PF), Cleveland Cavaliers

The absence of Anderson Varejao has really given him life. He has finished with double-doubles in points and rebounds in seven of his last nine games. So while keeping an eye on Varejao’s availability, you should probably pick him up if you have an extra roster spot to spare. When Varejao does come back, though, I’m not sure how much Thompson will play. In the meantime, if you can get him, go do it and enjoy the production that he’s been giving on both scoring and rebounding.