NBA And Adidas Reveal The New 2013 All-Star Game Uniforms

NBA And Adidas Reveal The New 2013 All-Star Game Uniforms

12:45 pm

8132582Adidas revealed the 2013 NBA All-Star uniforms. Here they are:


I approve of these uniforms.

The uniforms were said to be inspired by Houston’s rich aeronautical history and the speed of jet planes that dot the skies. The mesh of the uniforms was also said to provide maximum mobility and breathability. The West will wear red and the East will wear royal blue for the colors. The uniform lettering and numbers are also inspired by the stenciled style on jet planes.

What Adidas also revealed is that the All-Stars will wear jackets that are customized to represent individual career accomplishments such as the number of All-Star game appearances, All-Star MVP awards, NBA titles, scoring championships, regular season awards, and other accolades. That is real cool of Adidas to do that.

The 62nd NBA All-Star game is in Houston and is taking place in the Toyota Center on February 17th. The voting for the NBA All-Star starters closed last Monday night and the final results will be revealed on Thursday, January 17th, on TNT in a special pre-game show.

In the latest returns, the Lakers’ Kobe Bryant continued to lead in overall voting. So far, he will be joined by Chris Paul in the backcourt. The leading frontcourt votegetters thus far are Kevin Durant, Dwight Howard, and Blake Griffin. In the Eastern Conference, LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Garnett, Dwyane Wade, and Rajon Rondo are penciled in as starters for the moment.

In a strong coincidence, Houston point guard Jeremy Lin, who burst into the scene last season with the Knicks, is third in the backcourt voting for the West. He’s behind Chris Paul by about 50,000 votes. With Lin being Asian-American, there was a strong possibility for him to make the team due to the strong Asian contingent (especially China) voting for him.