Minnesota Timberwolves Discussing Buyout With Brandon Roy

Minnesota Timberwolves Discussing Buyout With Brandon Roy

12:57 pm

8446303These Brandon Roy stories continue to get harder to write. But with his career up in the air, the Timberwolves are looking to buying his contract out. Here’s Darren Wolfson of ESPN 1500 in Minneapolis.

As for whether the Wolves could move guard Brandon Roy’s contract, Taylor didn’t rule it out. He also confirmed that Wolves president of basketball operations David Kahn has engaged Roy’s agent, Greg Lawrence, in buyout talks.

A source said Roy was asked if he was ready to retire again because of continuing issues he has had with his knees. Roy wasn’t willing to call it quits, especially since he would have had to sacrifice the balance of his contract. A buyout was then proposed, which so far has been rejected.

Roy had knee surgery in November and revealed a few days later that he was one step away from knee replacement. He’s had setback after setback on his rehab. Although Roy hasn’t given up on his comeback, the Wolves want to save money or open up a roster spot by buying him out.

And again, I admire Brandon for trying to come back from his knee problems. It’s difficult for us to understand what he’s going through. He’s still only 28 years old and he likely didn’t know what to do when he retired early. After all, basketball is all he’s known so retiring from the sport that you love isn’t very easy at all. I don’t blame him for trying to come back and not trying would’ve made him regret it. Roy has only played five games, averaging 5.8 points and 4.6 assists. He retired for the first time after the 2010-11 season and announced his comeback before this season started.

Nevertheless, the Wolves, who have had a multitude of injuries this year, have to do what’s best for their team just like Brandon Roy has to do what’s best for him.