Michael Vick, Cam Newton Voted NFL’s Most Disappointing Players

Michael Vick, Cam Newton Voted NFL’s Most Disappointing Players

8:33 pm

USATSI_8005632_154224518_lowresAs arguably two of the most entertaining players in the NFL over the past few years, Michael Vick and Cam Newton were thought to be showcased on highlight reels on a weekly basis heading into the 2012 season, but that hasn’t been the case thus far with both superstars failing to live up to expectations.

In Sporting News’ midseason poll, Vick and Newton were voted as the top two disappointing players in the league up to this point:

Eagles QB Michael Vick, 16

Panthers QB Cam Newton, 15

Bills DE Mario Williams, 12

Jets QB Mark Sanchez, 8

Cowboys QB Tony Romo, 7

With the Philadelphia Eagles (3-5) and Carolina Panthers (2-6) struggling to get on track this season, Newton and Vick have taken the brunt of the blame and rightfully so with neither player able to turn things around for their struggling franchises. Both the Panthers and Eagles will likely miss the playoffs as a result of the poor play of their quarterbacks.

The three other players below Vick and Newton have also be huge disappointments for their teams this season with two of the three signing big contracts before even stepping foot on the gridiron in 2012.

Williams and Sanchez inked new lucrative deals with their teams in the off-season and neither one has lived up to the high price for the Bills and Jets. The pressure will continue to mount on Sanchez with Tim Tebow sitting behind him in New York. Williams on the other hand was thought to greatly improve the defense in Buffalo, but hasn’t changed a thing since suiting up for the Bills.

As for Tony Romo, the endless onslaught of frustrated Dallas Cowboys fans continues with the veteran quarterback continuing to struggle in the turnover department. Along with Romo’s tendency to take too many risks with the football, the Cowboys are arguably the most talented team in the league without a winning record next to the division rival Eagles.