Miami Heat’s Dwyane Wade Says ‘Kobe Is Greatest Of Our Era”

Miami Heat’s Dwyane Wade Says ‘Kobe Is Greatest Of Our Era”

11:59 am

8470268During the media scrum for All Star Weekend in Houston, Dwyane Wade was asked about how this era of basketball will be remembered. He talked about how the 80s were owned by Magic and Bird, the 90s were dominated by Michael Jordan — and then had these choice words to say about his era and Kobe Bryant.

“When you look back at this era there’s going to be a lot of players that you can pick from,” said Wade “You can talk about their greatness. This is a good era for basketball, and it would be led by Kobe Bryant – who was the greatest player in our era.”

These are interesting words considering everything that his teammate LeBron James has been doing recently. James just ran off six consecutive games in which he recorded at least 30 points and shot at least 60 percent from the field. James also has three MVP titles and is easily the best player in the game right now.

However, over the course of the last 15 years, Bryant has accumulated more accolades — and probably more importantly — more championships. Michael Jordan was just quoted saying that he’d take Bryant over James simply because of the five-to-one championship differential.

Whether or not Wade thinks Kobe is the better basketball player is another question, but Bryant definitely deserves to be in the conversation of the best of this current era of ball players.