Meet the New Boss: Doc Rivers to Run Clipper Organization

Meet the New Boss: Doc Rivers to Run Clipper Organization

10:55 am

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It’s a new age in Clipper Nation.

SportsCity has learned Doc Rivers will not only become coach, he’ll take control of the basketball operation without title, like Gregg Popovich in San Antonio.

The Kevin Garnett deal is dead, according to sources close to both teams.

In other words, the NBA lawyers as much as told both teams, don’t bother us with this one again.

Paul Pierce, on the other hand, may still be a possibility.

The Celtics are expected to exercise their option to buy out Pierce’s last season at $15 million for $5 million.

The decision to save $10 million would be of Boston’s sole volition.

If the NBA’s position on Pierce can’t be assumed, a league source says the Pierce and Garnett cases are different.

Eric Bledsoe and Caron Butler are expected to be packaged in a draft-day trade for Orlando’s Arron Aflallo, addressing the Clipper need for a shooting guard.

With less likelihood of finding a high post center to clear room underneath for Blake Griffin, DeAndre Jordan figures to remain the starter.

Meanwhile, the Clips will look for a three-point shooting power forward—a “stretch four.”


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