Mavericks Will Release Troy Murphy To Make Room For Derek Fisher

Mavericks Will Release Troy Murphy To Make Room For Derek Fisher

12:00 pm

Tim MacMahon of ESPN Dallas has a report on who the Mavs will release in favor of Derek Fisher, who is expected to sign with the Mavericks later today. The Mavericks had the maximum 15-man roster by the time they made their intentions of signing Fisher so one player had to go.

Via ESPN Dallas:

The Mavericks will release power forward Troy Murphy to make room on the roster for point guard Derek Fisher, sources said.

Murphy, who started last week’s win over the New York Knicks, had bumped Brandan Wright from coach Rick Carlisle’s rotation. Wright has not played in four of the Mavs’ last eight games, including their two losses on the recently completed road trip.

So let’s get this straight. Delonte West was released before the start of the season so they can pick up Eddy Curry. Curry played a couple of games for the Mavericks before he was released in favor of Troy Murphy. Now Troy Murphy will be released today in favor of Derek Fisher. So basically, they let go of a capable combo guard with mental issues for an old guard with all the mental attributes of a leader but has little left (if anything) on his tank. Okay then.

Murphy had been getting some playing time with the Mavericks and was averaging 18.3 minutes per game. He was putting up numbers of 4.6 points and 3.5 rebounds per game although he had been shooting a not-so-good .361 from the field and .314 from three-point land. I feel for him because he seemed to have a regular spot on the rotation. I have no idea what the Mavs are doing.

I suppose it’s veteran leadership. They mentioned that Fisher was brought in to help Darren Collison play the point guard position. But at some point, veteran leadership can only help so much. And they already have plenty of veterans aboard.

The Mavericks’ next game is on Saturday against Detroit, who blew out the Suns by 40 last night.

Enjoy this Troy Murphy video!