LeBron James Wants All-Star Teams To Expand From 12 To 15 Players

LeBron James Wants All-Star Teams To Expand From 12 To 15 Players

11:48 am

8480165LeBron James has an idea for the All-Star game. It should especially help the ones that are notably snubbed for the midseason exhibition. Check out this tweet.


15 players for each squad. I suppose that can help. It’s not like the NBA has been stuck on its traditional ways. After all, the NBA voting this season abolished the center and has instead made fans vote for the backcourt and the frontcourt. So I’m sure the NBA would be open to that.

This rule is actually little-known because it went by so quietly but ever since last year, which was a shortened NBA season, the active rosters have expanded from 12 players to 13. It was expanded to 13 temporarily because of the insane NBA schedule where some teams played three days in a row. But the expansion from 12 to 13 players was made permanent after that.

So why not expand the All-Star team as well? If not 15, then what’s wrong with expanding it to 13 players? Every year, yes, there will be snubs. But this lessens the arguments and debates about All-Star snubs. I’m all for it. After all, it’s a midseason exhibition that has no bearings on the standings and playoff picture (unlike baseball).

I think expanding the All-Star team to 13 players per conference would be good. If they can go 15, I’m not going to argue, either. It’s all about rewarding the deserving players. Especially in a deep Western Conference where guys like Marc Gasol of the Memphis Grizzlies and Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors don’t make it.

One instance when the squad actually had 13 players? The 1992 Western squad had 13 players on their squad when Magic Johnson, who had retired before the season, was let in after he was voted into the starting line-up. Magic would go on to win the All-Star MVP award.