LeBron James Thinks Mike Brown Didn’t Get Chance In L.A.

LeBron James Thinks Mike Brown Didn’t Get Chance In L.A.

9:30 am

8501477Former player of recently fired head coach Mike Brown has something to say about what the Lakers just did.

Via Michael Wallace of ESPN.com

“I think it’s unfortunate,” James said Friday after the Heat’s win in Atlanta against the Hawks. “I just don’t think he got a fair shake, honestly. With the shortened season last year, and five games into this year, he didn’t really get a full season.”

James, of course, would be LeBron James. LeBron James played under Brown for Cleveland from 2005-10 and went to the NBA Finals together in 2007. Mike Brown won Coach of the Year honors in 2009 when the Cavaliers went 66-16. LeBron also won his first two Most Valuable Player awards with the Cavs and Brown.

But LeBron didn’t exactly offer support to Mike Brown after the Cavs were upset by the Boston Celtics in the 2010 Eastern Conference playoffs. LeBron went on to depart the Cavaliers for the Heat in the infamous “Decision.”

So I find it funny that LeBron would say that he didn’t get a fair shake in L.A. Some of us would say that Brown indeed didn’t get much of a chance this season but coming from LeBron, I find it just a little bit interesting.