LeBron James Is Youngest In NBA History To Score 20,000 Points

LeBron James Is Youngest In NBA History To Score 20,000 Points

8:36 pm

8487262LeBron James has yet made another accomplishment. In his 10th season in the league, the freight train that is LeBron scored his 20,000th point for his NBA career in the Heat’s game against the Golden State Warriors on Wednesday night.

Going into the game against Golden State, he needed 18 points to score 20,000. He accomplished that by pulling up on a midrange jumper with 2:45 left in the second quarter. That gave him his 18th and 19th points for the game.

LeBron James is the youngest to score 20,000 points, doing so at the age of 28 years and 17 days. Before that, Kobe Bryant was the youngest to accomplish that feat at 29 years and 122 days. The only other ones to score 20,000 points before the age of 30 were Wilt Chamberlain (29 years, 134 days) and Michael Jordan (29 years, 326 days).

As far as the fastest to do it in terms of games played, he would be the seventh-fastest to do it. Chamberlain only needed 499 games to score 20,000 points. The other ones that did it faster were Jordan (620 games), Oscar Robertson (671), Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (684), Elgin Baylor (711), and Allen Iverson (713). LeBron did it one game faster than Shaquille O’Neal.

Abdul-Jabbar owns the career scoring record with 38,387 points. LeBron is halfway through that feat.

If he keeps this pace up, he could also be the youngest to score 30,000. Kobe Bryant was also the youngest to score 30,000 points; he did it in 34 years and 104 days. If LeBron stays at his career clip of 27 points per game, he could possibly do it in less than four seasons. By then, he would be only 32 years old. That would blow away Kobe Bryant’s record.

LeBron James is the 38th NBA player to reach 20,000 points in a career. He could pass Tom Chambers as the 37th leading scorer at all-time very soon; he’s at 20,049 points. Mitch Richmond is 36th at 20,497 and George Gervin is 35th at 20,708. It is very likely James will pass all of them if he stays healthy this season.

And not only did he score 20,000 points, but LeBron also reached the 5,000-assist milestone. He is the 55th player to do it in NBA history. It came in the first quarter of the same game against the Warriors on Wednesday night where he passed it underneath to Dwyane Wade for a dunk. LeBron James can do it all.

Information from Stats, LLC.