Lakers’ Howard Has No Further Damage On Shoulder, Cleared To Play

Lakers’ Howard Has No Further Damage On Shoulder, Cleared To Play

8:10 am

8480143Well, here’s some good news about Dwight Howard and the Los Angeles Lakers. Per Lakers press release:

EL SEGUNDO – Lakers center Dwight Howard, who aggravated his right shoulder injury in last night’s game at Memphis, was examined today in Los Angeles by shoulder specialist Dr. James Tibone.

Tibone confirmed that there is no further damage, and that Howard has been cleared to continue to play.

Dwight Howard aggravated his right shoulder injury in Wednesday’s game against Memphis before the first half ended. It was the same injury that took him out for a week after he got hurt earlier in the month against the Clippers. But he didn’t need surgery for it so he wasn’t out for an extended time. Laker fans are probably breathing a sigh of relief right about now. Maybe.

The Lakerss have had a difficult and underachieving season at 17-25. There have been rumors about the Brooklyn Nets thinking of acquiring me. And it’s not lost on the Lakers that they know he’s not playing well; they may even think trading Howard is an option.

It likely will not happen, but it would be foolish for the Lakers not to consider it. Howard is a free agent after this season and there’s a chance he could walk, giving the Lakers the risk of losing him without any compensation.

Dwight Howard is averaging 16.7 points and 12.0 rebounds (he’s actually the leading rebounder in the league) as well as 2.5 blocks per contest. Sometimes, he has looked great and, sometimes, it looks like he’s just cruising out there. He hasn’t made a huge difference on the defensive end for the Lakers as he is clearly not 100 percent at the moment. Howard was acquired by the Lakers in the offseason in a four-team blockbuster trade that also involved the Philadelphia 76ers, Denver Nuggets, and Orlando Magic.