Kobe Bryant Talks About Michael Jordan Picking Him Over LeBron James

Kobe Bryant Talks About Michael Jordan Picking Him Over LeBron James

12:42 pm

8367202During his 15-year career in the NBA, Hall of Famer Michael Jordan accomplished more as a player than anyone in NBA history. Jordan may not have the amount of titles in comparison to Boston Celtics legend Bill Russell, but the distinction of being the best player to have ever played the game continues to follow the six-time NBA champion even at the age of 50.

Recently, Jordan was asked which current player in the NBA he’d like to build a franchise around with Kobe Bryant and LeBron James being the leading candidates. After some thought, Jordan chose to go with Kobe simply because of the amount of championships in comparison to LeBron with five to one.

With LeBron being arguably the best player in the league today, Jordan’s choice stirred up some debate about whether or not Kobe is the better choice over LeBron. Obviously, Kobe’s five titles is an impressive feat that no other superstar in the league can contend with, but LeBron may potentially match and or surpass Kobe’s title total in the years to come leaving many to believe that the reigning NBA champion may have been the better choice for Jordan.

Kobe had this to say about Jordan’s decision to pick him over LeBron:

“Well I’ve heard about it, obviously. I think the message is winning takes precedent over everything — that’s really the big key for kids coming up. LeBron knows that. I’m sure that’s motivation for him to win as many championships as possible as it is for me to win as many as I can.”

As long as Kobe is still in the league, the comparisons to Jordan and talk of LeBron being the better player will be ongoing. There’s no question that Kobe has the better resume in comparison to his Team USA teammate, but LeBron definitely has the potential to surpass future Hall of Famer if able to stay healthy and with the current roster of the Miami Heat intact.

The debate will rage on about Kobe and LeBron, but at this point in time it’s hard to argue with Jordan’s stance of taking the five-time NBA champion over Akron’s finest.