Kobe Bryant Finally Joins Twitter And The World Goes Super Crazy

Kobe Bryant Finally Joins Twitter And The World Goes Super Crazy

9:47 am

8297389Normally, I would do the Tweets of the Day from last night in the morning. But since this is about one certain individual who’s been elusive on social media, this is worth talking about in one entry.

Here’s Nike Basketball with the little news here:


And Kobe Bryant made his first tweet a few moments ago. It’s actually classic Kobe Bryant:


Kobe Bryant was actually on Twitter last week. He took over the Nike Basketball Twitter account for a few days. Here are some samples of his tweets.



He hinted about joining Twitter a few days ago, too, with his own account.


Last night, there was a bit of a hush when his website linked to the @kobebryant account. There was a Twitter bird besides the link to his Facebook account. The link disappeared after a couple of hours. At the time, he had accumulated over 2,000 followers.

As I type this, he’s getting followers by the thousands (at 45,000 at 12:46 p.m. Eastern). And he’s only tweeted once. Quite efficient, Kobe. Just like how you’ve been efficient for the most part this season. Maybe he’s actually learned the meaning of efficiency this season! (Oh, I’m so clever!)

I’m a little surprised he chose to tweet now. I thought he would wait until after the Clippers/Lakers game and I especially thought he would tweet if the Lakers beat the Clippers. But, hey, Kobe Bryant can be full of surprises and he couldn’t have done a better first tweet than what he did.

Anyway, follow Kobe Bryant if you have a Twitter account. While the mystique about him may slowly disappear due to him actually participating in social media, he’s guaranteed to be entertaining. Just as he’s been entertaining on the court and on the interviews.