Knicks’ J.R. Smith Played Basketball With The Power Rangers

Knicks’ J.R. Smith Played Basketball With The Power Rangers

3:06 pm

7181932I’m trying to make sense of this story about the Knicks guard J.R. Smith playing basketball with the Power Rangers. And it’s just really a ton of Red Rangers because, apparently, the Rangers in other colors aren’t cool enough. Anyway, it’s the 20th Anniversary of the original Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers show. But no matter what, saying J.R. Smith and Power Rangers in the sentence is just complete awesomeness.

How in the world did this happen? How did J.R. Smith get into this event of excellence? He talks to Dan Devine of Yahoo! Ball Don’t Lie about this.

“My agent hit me up and told me they were having this event, and I’ve been a fan of Power Rangers since I was real young,” the 27-year-old Smith said. “Me and my brother [Chris Smith, a rookie guard who was with the Knicks in training camp but was waived before the season after injuring his left knee] used to argue over who was going to be which Ranger and stuff like that.”

So which Ranger was J.R. Smith?

“Chris ended up being the White Ranger, and I settled for the Green Ranger,” he said. “I really didn’t want to, but he was the younger brother, so I let him win.”

I’ll admit to watching the ever-so-awesome Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers (R.I.P. Trini). But when they started changing cast members, I stopped watching them. Ever since then, they’ve had 384 versions of the Power Rangers (apparently, it’s 17 but who’s counting?). But did J.R. know that the White Ranger and the Green Ranger were the same person? And that he became a mixed martial artist fighter?

Anyway, I want to go to one of these events where I get to play basketball with Power Rangers. Very few events can be better than this and not only did J.R. Smith get to live his dream of playing in the NBA but he also got to live his dream of playing with the Power Rangers.

Dragonzord! Mastodon! Pterodactyl! Triceratops! Sabertooth Tiger! Tyrannosaurus! J.R. Smith!