Kings’ Cousins Suspended Two Games For Confronting Announcer

Kings’ Cousins Suspended Two Games For Confronting Announcer

4:00 pm

8502341Sacramento Kings big man DeMarcus Cousins is in trouble once again.

Apparently, Cousins did not like the fact that he was criticized by Spurs color commentator, Sean Elliott.

Via Mike Monroe of the San Antonio Express-News.

Elliott, the former Spurs star who serves as analyst on the locally produced telecasts of Spurs games, criticized Cousins for “talking trash” about Spurs captain Tim Duncan during the fourth quarter.

And this was what happened after the game.

Apparently informed postgame of Elliott’s remarks, Cousins appeared on the court in his uniform and confronted Elliott after he and broadcaster Bill Land completed their postgame show.

Cousins is a very intense player but has trouble channeling this intensity, sometimes. He’s got all the skills to be a top-flight big man but he’s also labeled as immature by many. When he gets his temper under control, he is a surefire star in the league.

And it starts with having to hold back when someone criticizes him. Everybody criticizes everyone else. I’m sure Cousins has faced criticism throughout his career so what makes this one any different? Does he take Sean Elliott’s word worse than anyone else’s? What if someone from a national stage says it (ex. Ernie Johnson or Kenny Smith)? Does he react the same?

DeMarcus Cousins is averaging 17.3 points and 9.8 boards so far in the young season. It looks like he will be missing tonight’s game against the Lakers at Staples Center as well as Tuesday’s game against Portland at home.