Kane Tries to Make Phone Call With a Wad of Cash

Kane Tries to Make Phone Call With a Wad of Cash

1:38 pm

USATSI_8337437_154224518_lowresWinnipeg Jets forward Evander Kane probably didn’t expect to dominate twitter today when he woke up, but in the world of twitter, one brain camp tweet can blow up in your face.

At 4:44 AM this morning, Kane sent out the below tweet and accompanying  image.

Those are some big stacks of cash.

Right before the lockout, Kane signed a 6 year, $31.5 million contract. Now, he hasn’t seen any of that money yet, but he did have a $900,000 base salary with $90,000 signing bonus last year. He also received performance bonuses up to $2.2 million (capgeek.com). It’s not know exactly how much money he earned last year.

Many people were not impressed with this, as there have been a lot of people who have lost their jobs, or have lost a lot of money because of the lockout.

Ken Viebe of the Winnipeg Sun was able to talk to Kane this afternoon.