John Madden Says End Of The Pro Bowl May Be Near

John Madden Says End Of The Pro Bowl May Be Near

5:38 pm

USATSI_8010760_154224518_lowresThe NFL may be the most popular professional sports league in this country with a fan following and viewership that improves on an annual basis. Despite the league’s popular and growth over the past few years, the NFL Pro Bowl simply doesn’t compare to the all-star games in the NBA, MLB or NHL.

The entertainment factor and anticipation for the game simply isn’t there for the Pro Bowl. Few players give it their all and the fans really don’t have much interest in the game due to the lack of effort in the Pro Bowl in Honolulu, Hawaii.

As a result of the Pro Bowl not being all that popular with either the players or fans, the NFL may decide to get rid of the game altogether.

NFL legend and Hall of Fame head coach John Madden believes the end may be near for the Pro Bowl without change via Marc Sessler of

The Hall of Fame coach told SiriusXM NFL Radio that Sunday’s tilt might mark the final Pro Bowl “if it doesn’t change.”

“And having said that, I think everyone knows that,” Madden said. “I know all the players know it. So, as they were told last night, we’re not only playing this for ourselves and right now, we’re playing it for all the future players.”

Madden isn’t the only one that believes the end is near for the NFL’s all-star game with 12-time Pro Bowler Peyton Manning saying the level of play of the players selected over the last few years has been unacceptable.

With careers on the line with every snap of the football, asking players to play at the highest level possible in a meaningless game isn’t an easy proposition. The level of play in the Pro Bowl will likely not improve and the end of the league’s all-star is bound to around the corner as a result.