Jermichael Finely Says “50/50” Chance He Stays With Packers

Jermichael Finely Says “50/50” Chance He Stays With Packers

12:23 pm

USATSI_7400583_154224518_lowresIn 2011, tight end Jermichael Finley had a breakout season with the Green Bay Packers catching 55 passes for 767 yards and eight touchdowns. Finley’s breakout season was thought to be a sign of things to come in Green Bay with the tight end starting to get mentioned in the conversation as one of the best in the NFL at his position.

One year later, the same can’t be said for Finley with the 25-year-old catching six more passes (61) during the 2012 season, but only recording two touchdowns and 100 fewer receiving yards with 667.

Even though it appeared that Finley was emerging as one of the best tight ends in the game in 2011, it no longer seems to be the case with his end zone presence nonexistent this past season and the team willing to part ways with young tight end. Finley remains uncertain about his future with the team via

“It’s the nature of the business,” Finley told the newspaper. “If there’s a guy that’s overpaid or that they think is overpaid, they’ll ask for a pay cut. There’s no doubt that I want to be there for life. But it’s a business and the business will tell you otherwise. I would say on the business front, it’s 50/50. But if it was up to me or anybody in my circle, I would love to be back.”

Finley isn’t the only offensive player on the Packers with an uncertain future heading the off-season as two-time Pro Bowl wide receiver Greg Jennings may also be forced to leave the team in free agency. Both Finley and Jennings want to return to Green Bay next season, but the team seems content if two of their best players in the passing game sign with another team in March.

Next month, Jennings will more than likely be the first to sign with another team. Jennings may have had a poor season with the Packers in 2012, but will be near the top of the list of available wide receivers on the free agent market. The Miami Dolphins may be one of the more interested teams in Jennings’ services.