Jeremy Evans Painted The Art Work He Dunked Over

Jeremy Evans Painted The Art Work He Dunked Over

9:06 pm

8483371Last year’s dunk contest winner Jeremy Evans came into tonight’s contest hoping to defend his crown as the NBA’s best dunker by showing off his impressive jumping ability and his creativity while in the air. While his crown was taken from him by Toronto’s Terrance Ross, Evans was able to show off another one of his creative talents.

In his second to last dunk, Evans brought out a covered easel and dunked over it. After the dunk, he took off the cover and revealed a painting of him jumping over a covered easel — which was creative enough to begin with. However, it turns out that Evans is an artist as well.

“Yeah, I painted that. It was a little rushed, but I got it done,” said Evans with the painting sitting right beside him in the media room after the game. “I started a week and a half ago and finished it last night.”

He mentioned that he just wanted to see what the money balls would look like before he finished painting the basketball, and couldn’t decide on his shoes until the night before, so he couldn’t paint those when he began the project. What’s most impressive is the fact that the painting looks nearly identical to his dunk.

“I figured that’s what it would look like,” Evans began. “I figured the arena would have red seats, because of the Houston Rockets, and I just went from there.”

Being in the dunk contest has helped Evans make a name for himself. He was a largely unknown cult favorite with dunks like him over Gerald Wallace from two pre-seasons ago. But now, after a dunk crown, things have changed.

“Before the last contest, I could walk around anywhere. But now, people know my name everywhere I go, I’m signing autographs,” said Evans.

While he wasn’t able to defend his crown, he still put on one of the better performances on the night, and second place to Terrance Ross’ incredible performance is nothing to be ashamed of. Besides, that self-portrait may be the most impressive thing you’ll see this All-Star Weekend.

Evans also mentioned that the painting would be donated to charity.