Houston’s Royce White Fined By Team Every Day He Misses Practice

Houston’s Royce White Fined By Team Every Day He Misses Practice

11:00 am

7835231This situation keeps getting more bizarre by the minute.

We had mentioned that Royce White was getting more unhappy as he felt he wasn’t getting fair treatment by the Rockets due to his anxiety condition.

But as of late, White has taken to Twitter (@highway_30) about his issues with the team.


One of the many issues is that he doesn’t want to see the doctor that the team has selected for him. White also felt that he hasn’t been given the opportunities to earn playing time with the Rockets. General Manager Daryl Morey was ready to send him to the D-League.

Here’s more from Jonathan Feigen of the Houston Chronicle.

The Rockets intend to fine White every day he fails to report to practice or attend sessions with Fink, the person familiar with the situation said. On Wednesday, White did not attend the Rockets’ shootaround or their game against the New Orleans Hornets.

Rockets owner Leslie Alexander said Tuesday there would be “internal repercussions” for White’s missing practices and games. Alexander also raised the possibility the Rockets might end up having wasted a pick on White, the 16th player taken in June’s draft.

White’s lack of communication with the team seems to be the real problem here. I really hope they can get this squared away as soon as possible as White has looked more volatile on Twitter the more he tweets about these issues. He is a really talented young man but he can’t put that talent to use if his mental issues keep overcoming him.