Houston Rockets’ Royce White Refuses D-League Assignment

Houston Rockets’ Royce White Refuses D-League Assignment

11:13 am

7485636The Royce White saga continues on and on. And every time we get news about him, it never seems to be good news. From David Aldridge of Turner Sports:


And this was the original plan by the Rockets:


I really want to get behind and support Royce White. I really do. But why does he refuse to cooperate with the Rockets when they’ve been trying to help him this entire time? Does he think the Rockets are steering him toward the wrong direction? All they have been doing is cooperating and helping. And they’ve showed a lot, I mean a lot, of patience with this young man. What are the Rockets doing wrong?

Royce White wants to play basketball without any worries, right? Then why not cooperate with what seems to be the only team willing to help him? At this point, it feels like White is using them for whatever he’s trying to gain with all these privileges. And it’s not like going back to the D-League is a bad thing. Many have gone through the D-League and got back to the league through hard work.

His current teammate Jeremy Lin went through the D-League. Guys like Reggie Williams, Chris Douglas-Roberts, Gerald Green, and Alonzo Gee humbled themselves and went through the D-League. Why can’t he do the same thing? Does he fear something in the D-League? The Rockets mentioned it was part of their plan to work him back into the team. They’re not going to cut him. The way to get cut? If you don’t cooperate. This doesn’t seem to be about mental illness anymore but about immaturity. He is 21 years old, after all, and you don’t know a lot of things when you’re 21.

I really hope that this story has a happy ending. But at this point, this game that Royce White is playing is getting old and tiring. And at some point in time, the Rockets are going to think that this game is old and tiring. If Royce doesn’t cooperate very soon, he could find himself out of an NBA job. It could be for good.

Plus he would lose his platform of mental health awareness. It could still be there potentially, Royce. Just please cooperate.

UPDATE: Royce White released his statement here. Just the fact that he referenced the Newtown shootings and seemingly used it as leverage? Yeah. That’s not good at all, Royce.