Giants’ Victor Cruz Not ‘Antsy’ Over Contract Talks

Giants’ Victor Cruz Not ‘Antsy’ Over Contract Talks

12:44 pm

USATSI_8026606_154224518_lowresOne of the best young players for the New York Giants is set to become a restricted free agent in March.

Wide receiver Victor Cruz will officially hit free agent next month with a restricted status. The Giants have yet to engage in contract extension talks with the team’s best receiver, but Cruz isn’t worried about his immediate future or contract situation in New York according to Ralph Vacchiano of the New York Daily News:

With six weeks to go until he becomes a restricted free agent, Victor Cruz still doesn’t have that contract extension that he once thought was imminent. At the moment, he said, there aren’t even ongoing talks.

Cruz talked about the situation with the Giants and how he’s handling not having a deal in place via Vacchiano:

“No, I’m not getting antsy at all,” Cruz said. “I’m just waiting my time. I know the Giants have a lot of decision to make as far as all the other free agents we have. So I’m just being patient. I know they have to come around at some point.”

Apparently, Cruz is in no rush to get a deal done with the Giants and expects things will move along in next month.

The Giants would be wise to reach a deal with Cruz considering the wideout being one of the team’s best players on the offensive side of the football. Without  Cruz downfield, the Giants’ offense becomes limited and things will almost certainly get that much tougher for quarterback Eli Manning moving forward.

Although an extension will more than likely be reached with Cruz in the near future, the team seems ready to part ways with longtime defensive end Osi Umenyiora. New York will not make Umenyiora a starter forcing the veteran to seek other options around the league including the New York Jets.