George Karl Thinks Heat’s LeBron James Will Return To Cleveland

George Karl Thinks Heat’s LeBron James Will Return To Cleveland

12:00 pm

8489749There has been speculation about LeBron James returning to the Cleveland Cavaliers when his deal expires with the Miami Heat. He can leave Miami as early as after next season (2013-14) with an early termination option on his current contract.

One NBA coach thinks he’ll actually return to Cleveland. Via Chris Tomasson of Fox Sports Florida:

“I think LeBron is at that stage where he’s challenging himself to motivate him to do something that’s maybe more difficult,” Denver coach George Karl told FOX Sports Florida before Friday’s game against Cleveland at the Pepsi Center. “I could see him maybe doing that (returning to the Cavaliers).”

I can actually see him doing that. Some athletes get bored and think the game gets a little too easy. And at times, it does seem easy for LeBron. He has eyepopping numbers once again at 26.0 points, 8.4 rebounds, and 6.9 assists per game and is an annual threat to match Oscar Robertson’s triple-double season. While the Heat are 3-5 in their last eight games, everyone would be surprised if the Heat don’t make it to the NBA Finals this season.

One reason why Coach Karl thinks LeBron is returning? Via Tomasson again…

“I see (Kyrie) Irving maybe being a reason for that,” Karl said of the reigning Rookie of the Year, who leads Cleveland in scoring with a 23.5 average.

And according to the article, Irving nor Cleveland Cavaliers coach Byron Scott offered no comment. Also, current Cavalier and former James teammate, Daniel Gibson, still talks to LeBron from time to time but a return to Cleveland was never brought up.

It’s still too far to say anything about LeBron returning to Cleveland; everyone is obviously still worried about this year. But LeBron seems proud to be from Ohio; everyone goes through a change of scenery. The way he left the Cavaliers wasn’t exactly the best way to leave but I feel the Cavs fans would forgive LeBron if he chooses to return to play for the Cavaliers. Time heals all wounds, even if LeBron and Cavs parted acrimoniously. Kyrie and LeBron would be a devastating duo and the Cavs would be box office smashes once again.

And as mentioned, the Cavs are worried about this season. They just lost to the Denver Nuggets on Friday night and are 9-29, the second worst record in the league. And they’re worried about playing the almost-as-horrendous Los Angeles Lakers on Sunday night. The summer of 2014 will be here before we all know it but right now, everyone is worried about January 12, 2013.