Ex-Heat Player Eddie House Still Hoping To Get Back To The NBA

Ex-Heat Player Eddie House Still Hoping To Get Back To The NBA

1:00 pm

You guys remember Eddie House, right? Apparently, not any NBA teams. The 34-year-old House still wants to play in the NBA and he hasn’t had any luck getting any calls. Check out The Sun Sentinel for more.

How frightening can retirement be? This frightening: Tuesday, former Miami Heat guard Eddie House found himself trying to stand as a voice of reason amid a televised debate with Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith.

Perhaps that’s why, even 34 and one year removed from the NBA, House doesn’t consider himself truly retired.

“I’m still working out. I’m waiting to get a call,” he said this past week by phone after leaving ESPN’s studio. “If I get one, I get one. I’ll be ready. But if I don’t, just trying to open up other doors. Hopefully something good happens.”

He realizes that he’s going to play a different role than he’s much used to.

“Obviously, if you’re calling me now, you’re not calling me to be a huge part of the offense,” House explained. “I’m going to be a practice player, a filler. But if you can save $400,000, on the business side of it, it makes plenty of sense.”

Still, teams could do worse than Eddie House. He is a capable scorer and a threat behind the arc (he has shot .390 from three-point land in his career). You can put him on either guard position despite his size (6’1″). At 34, his time is obviously running out. But Derek Fisher has recently made a comeback, Jerry Stackhouse is thriving in Brooklyn, and Rasheed Wallace is still doing his thing in New York. House is younger than all of them so I’m sure he feels he can still help an NBA team.

In 11 seasons, Eddie House has played for nine different teams but is probably best known for his stints in Miami (the team that drafted him in the second round) and Boston. He won a ring with the Celtics in the 2007-08 season and was part of the 2010-11 Miami Heat team that made the Finals.

House has averaged 7.5 points per contest in 717 NBA career games. He last played for that aforementioned Miami Heat team.