Dolphins’ Reggie Bush May Be Forced To ‘Find A New Team’

Dolphins’ Reggie Bush May Be Forced To ‘Find A New Team’

4:06 pm

USATSI_8290498_154224518_lowresOver the past two seasons with the Miami Dolphins, former USC star Reggie Bush has been able to resurrect his career as one of the better running backs in the NFL. Bush is far from elite in comparison to Arian Foster and Adrian Peterson, but remains a solid option in the backfield when healthy.

The Dolphins rolled the dice on the often injured Bush a few years ago and the gamble has paid off after two productive seasons from the veterans, but the team appears content with letting Bush walk in free agency in March according to James Walker of

Bush is finding out that the NFL is a tough business. Bush really wants to return to Miami. He’s done everything right the past two years, such as being as leader in the locker room and rushing for more than 2,000 yards in that span. But the Dolphins aren’t as fond to Bush returning. They have two running backs who are cheaper and younger inLamar Miller and Daniel Thomas. The Dolphins feel they can handle the load. Miami may offer Bush a team-friendly contract. But unless Bush is willing to take something below market value, he may have to find a new team.

Although it remains clear that Bush wants to stay in Miami and for good reason with the results of the past two seasons, the veteran will likely be forced elsewhere if not satisfied with the lowball offer from the Dolphins.

Despite Bush more than likely not receiving the deal he’ll be looking for in Miami, there will be plenty of teams showing interest in the 27-year-old running back once officially on the free agent market next month.

One of the more intriguing options for Bush will be with the Detroit Lions. The Lions appear to be showing interest in Bush while currently looking to fill the void left by the injured Jahvid Best who’ll probably never play another game in the NFL again. Bush should fit in nicely with the Lions while playing alongside quarterback Matthew Stafford and wide receiver Calvin Johnson.