David Lee And Roy Hibbert Suspended One Game Each For Altercation

David Lee And Roy Hibbert Suspended One Game Each For Altercation

3:37 pm

USATSI_8107484_154224518_lowresWell, the punishments have been handed down on Tuesday night’s melee between the Indiana Pacers and the Golden State Warriors. Here’s Sam Amick from USA Today as well as his Twitter account with the results.

Golden State’s David Lee has been suspended for Wednesday’s game against the New York Knicks for his part in the fight with Indiana Tuesday, according to two people familiar with the ruling.

And this…


The NBA got it right. As you can see in the video below, David Lee actually initiated the shoving match that occurred on Tuesday night. Roy Hibbert did more than Lee did; he basically fly-swatted Stephen Curry away twice. And additional reports had the Warriors’ Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson fined as well as the Pacers’ Lance Stephenson.

Roy Hibbert was actually apologetic about the whole thing. He is normally an affable guy so seeing him involved in an altercation like this is a bit surprising. While the Pacers are known for their tough defense and even for getting into a confrontation or two (see Miami Heat in playoffs last season), the Pacers of today are upstanding character guys, just like Indiana’s front office wanted. They wanted to stay far away from the infamous Malice in the Palace incident from 2004. Those guys were championship contenders but because of that brawl, the Pacers’ chances went down the drain. Then-President Larry Bird and the rest of the Pacer front office decided to blow that team up and start over.

Chances are that it won’t happen again but Pacer fans sure got a scare with Tuesday night’s altercation. David Lee will miss the Warriors game against the Knicks on Wednesday night while Hibbert will miss the Pacers game against the Clippers at home on Thursday night. Lee’s agent, Mark Balterstein, told USA Today (in that same article) that they will appeal the suspension.