Cowboys’ Jerry Jones Says There’s ‘No Way’ He’s Giving Up GM Position

Cowboys’ Jerry Jones Says There’s ‘No Way’ He’s Giving Up GM Position

5:14 pm

USATSI_8138577_154224518_lowresAfter losing four of the last five games, there have been a lot of questions surrounding the immediate future of the Dallas Cowboys.

One of the major concerns moving forward is whether or not the Cowboys have the right man for the job on the sidelines. With Jason Garrett’s future uncertain at season’s end due to another poor performance, talk of Sean Payton possibly coming back to Dallas has begun to surface.

As usual, outspoken owner/general manager Jerry Jones has denied the rumors of the Cowboys’ interest in Payton, but similar situations have happened in the past and history tends to repeat itself in Dallas.

Another issue that has gotten a lot of debate over the past few years is whether or not Jones should relinquish his position as the team’s GM. This hasn’t been the first time this argument has been raised in Dallas and won’t be the last, but Jones did his best to assure everyone that he’s never giving up that position for the team he owns in an interview on KRLD-FM via Calvin Watkins of

“There’s no way that I would be involved here and not be the final decision-maker on something as important as players, and that is a key area.”

With three Super Bowl titles to his credit as the owner of the storied NFL franchise, Jones has been successful at his post and always tries to improve the team. Unfortunately, the Tony Romo era hasn’t exactly gone as expected with so many talented players on both sides of the football.

The disappointing seasons over the past few years and two Super Bowl titles for the arch division rival New York Giants has put a lot of pressure on this organization to get back to dominant status in the NFL.

If the disappointing season continues for Jones and company, expect some potentially major changes to the coaching staff and the quarterback position once the Cowboys are officially eliminated from playoff contention.