Clippers-Celtics Trade Fails, Rivers To Stay With Celtics

Clippers-Celtics Trade Fails, Rivers To Stay With Celtics

6:01 pm

USATSI_8338245_154224518_lowresEarlier today there were rumors that the Clippers and Celtics were in talks to send both Kevin Garnett and Doc Rivers to Los Angeles for DeAndre Jordan and draft picks. However, according to the Los Angeles Times’ Broderick Turner, the Clippers turned down the Celtics offer and no deal between the two teams will be completed.

From the looks of things, it looks like the two teams couldn’t get past discussions about Clippers back up point guard Eric Bledsoe. The Celtics wanted to acquire Bledsoe in part of the deal, but the Clippers wanted to keep for a couple of reasons.

It was reported that Doc Rivers would like to have both Bledsoe and Chris Paul on the team. There were also rumors about the Clippers thinking about sending both Bledsoe and power forward Blake Griffin to the Lakers for center Dwight Howard.

Earlier this week, it was reported that both Paul and Howard had exchanged text messages about playing together this season. With that in mind, the Clippers could have been making an effort to make sure that, if those two somehow team up, it’s with the Clippers in Los Angeles.

According to CBS’s Ken Berger, for the Rivers to be able to coach the Celtics, he would have had to have been contractually released from his agreement with the Celtics because he has a clause in his contract that prevents him from retiring then coaching another team.

Everything about the proposed deal was much more complicated than it needed to be, and it looks like the disagreement about what to do with Bledsoe and the near impossibility of engaging the Lakers in a trade for Howard are what put the fire out of this deal.

With Rivers out of the discussion, the Clippers will likely give the coaching job to either Brian Shaw or Lionel Hollins.