Charles Barkley Gets Waxed On Eyebrows, By Inside The NBA Crew

Charles Barkley Gets Waxed On Eyebrows, By Inside The NBA Crew

12:58 pm

7744234My favorite sports studio show is Inside The NBA by TNT and it’s not even close. And they had one of their best segments in the history of their show on Thursday night. Sometimes, I don’t even pay attention to the games because I look forward to these guys clowning each other.

Charles Barkley was doing commentary on the Clippers/Suns match-up along with Kevin Harlan and Reggie Miller. Barkley admitted during the telecast that he got his eyebrows waxed, among other things (much to the chagrin of Harlan and Miller). Ernie Johnson already mentioned at the pre-game show that Barkley “spent 45 minutes” on the make-up chair. But Barkley went on to say, “Ain’t no shame in my game.”

The Inside The NBA Crew went to town at halftime of the Clippers/Suns game. Shaquille O’Neal made fun of the eyebrows. Chris Webber put on some “lip gloss” and went on a hilarious monologue. Kenny Smith made fun of Chuck’s manicure. And not only that, Kenny went on to break down Barkley’s commentary. They didn’t even break down the Clippers/Suns game (while a close game, was not too fun of a game to watch).

You really gotta watch the video below to get all the good laughs about this. Barkley (not on this video) would go on to say that he’s a metrosexual and confident. Because that is so cool and hip when he’s almost 50 years old. Of course, you didn’t have to tell us that isn’t the only thing you get waxed. Thanks for making us imagine, Charles.

Inside The NBA, keep doing your thing.