Celtics’ Jason Terry Thriving In New Offense, Without Rondo

Celtics’ Jason Terry Thriving In New Offense, Without Rondo

3:35 pm

8486103Jason Terry signed with the Boston Celtics in the offseason after the Dallas Mavericks opted not to keep him. The Celtics were hoping he could provide some extra scoring punch off the bench as well as replace Ray Allen’s scoring on the two-guard spot. Terry got off to a good start, averaging 11.7 points and shooting .521 in November. But his shooting and scoring have dipped tremendously ever since.

However, Terry has played well over the last few games. Here’s Jessica Camerato from Comcast Sportsnet New England with the story:

A new Terry has emerged in the past week, though. Following the season-ending injury of Rajon Rondo (ACL), Terry has stepped up offensively and began to find his rhythm. In the last three games, he is shooting 14-for-22 from the field (63.6% FG) and 5-for-11 from three-point range (45.5% 3PG), averaging 12.3 points. The absence of their point guard has led to more players handling the ball, and therefore a new variety of looks on offense.

That’s actually a really encouraging sign for the Celtics. JET talked about why they had been doing so well as of late.

“(The new style of offense) is much more open, it’s free-willing,” Terry said following the Celtics 106-104 win over the Clippers on Sunday. “The defense can’t sit on particular plays. This league is great with scouting and they get used to you, they kind of know your tendencies. But in this offense, it’s very unpredictable. You don’t know who’s going to get a shot, but we know we’re going to get a good one.”

Avery Bradley is starting at the point guard slot but, really, he’s been more of a combo guard. In reality, the Celtics have no pure point guards left. Their remaining backcourt consists of Bradley, Courtney Lee (a swingman), Leandro Barbosa (another combo guard), and Terry. But Terry’s right; all of them are good enough to handle the ball. Even Paul Pierce will do some ballhandling duties at times. But it makes the Celtics more unpredictable. While Rajon Rondo definitely gives them a lot of advantages with his precise passing and his ability to find his teammates, the Celtics (while likely not better without Rondo) has given the offense different looks, making teams wonder who they’re going to stop.

And it’s worked thus far. The Celtics have won their last four games, including beating the likes of Miami and the Clippers. They have proved to be very streaky thus far this season, though, so we’ll see how long the Celtics can keep this run going.

They have a chance to extend their winning streak to five games, as they face the Toronto Raptors on Wednesday. The Raptors just acquired Rudy Gay last Wednesday and are 1-1 so far since that deal.

Jason Terry is averaging 10.1 points in 47 games. He’s come off the bench in 24 of those contests.