Breaking News: The Lakers Have Fired Mike Brown

Breaking News: The Lakers Have Fired Mike Brown

10:54 am

8447743USA Today sports has reported that the Los Angeles Lakers’ head coach Mike Brown has been fired after five games into the regular season.

With the highest payroll in the NBA and four perennial All-Stars in the starting line-up, the Lakers only won one of their first five games with the offense turning the ball over at a high rate and the defense looking awful.

This news comes as a shock to many as it was just on Wednesday that lakers Executive Vice President Jim Buss said that he had no problems with Brown, according to

“You don’t start 0-3 for the first time since we’ve owned the franchise without being on top of it. No matter what you have to be aware. That doesn’t mean change is coming. That just means you have to be aware.”

“I have no problems with Mike Brown at all,” Buss said. “He just works too hard and he’s too knowledgeable for this to be happening.

As of right now, there is no update on who will replace Brown as the Lakers head coach, but the early speculation revolves around Phil Jackson, Jerry Sloan, Mike D’Antoni and Stan Van Gundy. We’ll keep you updated throughout the day as more news is announced.


(UPDATE 11:06): As far as Mike D’Antoni goes as a replacement, he won’t be able to join the Lakers bench until at least December because of a knee replacement surgery, according to Adrian Wojnarowski.