Breaking News: Celtics’ Rondo Out Indefinitely With Torn ACL

Breaking News: Celtics’ Rondo Out Indefinitely With Torn ACL

11:49 am

8471827Well, the worst has happened for the Boston Celtics. Check out all these reports.

Yes, he will be out indefinitely and will very likely be out for the season.

As reported earlier by David Baumann from NBC Sports and Sports Talk 1080 from Florida, Rajon Rondo suffered a hyperextended knee against Atlanta on Friday night. At the time, it didn’t seem like a big deal as he played nearly 45 minutes in a double overtime contest. The Celtics would go on to lose the game.

Rondo tried to warm up for Sunday’s game against Miami Heat but his knee didn’t feel any improvement so he had a precautionary MRI at New England Baptist Hospital. And as Celtics fans feared, they got the worst news they could possibly get concerning his knee.

Boston has lost six games in a row and are currently hanging on to the eighth spot at 20-23. With Rondo likely out for the season, who knows what the Celtics will do with this team now? Do they blow it up? Do they make a trade and try for another run?

Speedy recovery to Rajon Rondo.