Brandon Roy Has Another Setback On Knee, Still Wants To Play

Brandon Roy Has Another Setback On Knee, Still Wants To Play

3:39 pm

8446303This keeps getting tougher and tougher to write. Here is some more news about Brandon Roy of the Minnesota Timberwloves from Jon Krawczynski of the Associated Press that covers Minneapolis sports. It’s hardly good news these days.

I wasn’t too optimistic about Brandon Roy coming back this season, if at all. Last month, it was reported that he had a setback on his rehab. Roy had knee surgery in November, and at the time he was supposed to be out for a month. Then he had that setback last month as mentioned. He also revealed in November that he was one step away from knee replacement.

As I’ve mentioned several times, I’ve admired Roy’s persistence on trying to come back from this. And it’d be hard for us to understand what he’s going through. Roy is still only 28 years old. He likely didn’t know what to do and he probably didn’t want his career to be over like this. So he went ahead and tried to come back. And I don’t blame him for doing that. No regrets, right?

Still, at some point, he has to know when to call it quits. I hope he doesn’t go far enough in his comeback that he would have to get his knee replaced. I hope he doesn’t damage his knee to the point he couldn’t walk anymore. We want to see Brandon Roy healthy. We want to see Brandon walk with his children. We don’t want to see Brandon in a wheelchair. And that’s way more important than any basketball game.

Nonetheless, we will keep supporting Brandon Roy on whatever decision he makes.