Baltimore Ravens To Retain Offensive Coordinator Jim Caldwell

Baltimore Ravens To Retain Offensive Coordinator Jim Caldwell

11:00 am

USATSI_8314066_154224518_lowresThe Baltimore Ravens finished the NFL regular season in disappointment with four losses in the last five games. As a result of the team’s struggles, offensive coordinator Cam Cameron was fired and Jim Caldwell was promoted to the position.

The move was surprising to say the least with the Ravens having won the AFC North division title once again and ready to make a run in the playoffs, but it appears the move has served them well with two playoffs wins and the team punching their ticket to the Super Bowl in New Orleans to face the San Francisco 49ers.

With Caldwell taking over apparently being the right move for Baltimore, the Ravens intend to keep Caldwell as their offensive coordinator moving forward according to

Jim Caldwell will remain the┬áBaltimore Ravens’ offensive coordinator next season.

Caldwell moved from quarterbacks coach to offensive coordinator on Dec. 9 after coach John Harbaugh fired Cam Cameron.

Before heading into the postseason, the Ravens appeared to be a mess with the team making the questionable move to part with Cameron with the team playoff bound. Baltimore was considered to be a team that would be one-and-done in the postseason and would have to head back to the drawing board during the off-season as a result.

Obviously, that hasn’t happened with the Ravens pulling off two incredible playoff upset victories over the number one seed Denver Broncos and arguably the best offense in the NFL in the New England Patriots.

Once again, the Ravens will be a underdogs heading into the Super Bowl against the 49ers. San Francisco is considered to be the better all-around football team heading into this matchup in New Orleans, but Baltimore is running on pure emotion and embracing the underdog role.

San Francisco may be the more talented team on both sides of the football, but Baltimore is dangerous and may be able to pull off another upset on the biggest stage while sending off Ray Lewis with a second Super Bowl title.