A Cap Ceiling of $60 Million Could Give GMs Headaches

A Cap Ceiling of $60 Million Could Give GMs Headaches

6:28 pm

USATSI_8170702_154224518_lowresLittle has been leaked to the media after the NHL submitted a new 288 paged proposal on Thursday. The NHL and NHLPA were to meet face-to-face yesterday, but instead there where only informational sessions and an internal meeting for the PA.

They are expected to meet this morning, with some reports of the NHLPA possibly bringing an offer at some point today.

In the NHL’s offer, they are looking to have a salary cap ceiling of $60 million for 2013-14. The players on the other hand are looking for $67 million. A $60 million cap is said to be a big issue for the players as it could mean they would have big escrow payments.

A $60 million ceiling could also give many GM headaches, including Sharks GM Doug Wilson according to Kevin Kurz of CSN Bay Area.

The Sharks currently have 14 players under contract for 2013-14, with a salary cap number of almost $54 million. That would leave only $6 million for 9 roster players.

One of the players who doesn’t have a contract for next year is fan favorite Ryane Clowe.

Clowe carries a $4 million salary this year, and will be an unrestricted free agent on July 1st. The Sharks would like to bring the 30-year old back, but getting him back at a reduced cap number could be difficult. He had a concussion last season, and a down year, so it’s hard to predict what kind of salary he would command.

Another player the Sharks would have to fit into their cap number is defenseman Jason Demers, who will be a RFA at the end of this year. Demers carries a $1.25 million salary this year.

One option for the Sharks is to take advantage of the one time buyout before 2013-14, lowering their $54 million cap number. Last season Patrick Marleau struggled in the 2nd half of season, and if he were to experience the same this year, they could consider buying his $6.9 million salary out. This move would create a lot of flexibility for them.

Another buyout option could be Martin Havlat. Havlat has battled injury issues, and is owed $5 million a season until 2014-15.