49ers’ Justin Smith Will Undergo Surgery After Super Bowl

49ers’ Justin Smith Will Undergo Surgery After Super Bowl

7:58 pm

USATSI_8297720_154224518_lowresHeading into Super Bowl XLVII, the one major injury concern for the San Francisco 49ers surrounds All-Pro defensive end Justin Smith.

In Week 15 against the New England Patriots, Smith suffered a torn triceps and was feared to be out for the season. Although Smith knew that his injury would require off-season surgery, the veteran defensive end decided to play through the pain.

Apparently, Smith will undergo surgery to repair his torn triceps after the Super Bowl according to NFL.com:

Justin Smith conceded last week that he’s risking a full tear of his left triceps by playing through the injury. He has just four more quarters of football before that risk is averted.

NFL.com’s Ian Rapoport reported Monday, via a source informed of Smith’s injury, that the San Francisco 49ers defensive lineman has surgery lined up for a few days after Super Bowl XLVII, whether the tear expands or not.

Regardless of Smith’s injury, the veteran defensive end has played through the pain and will continue to do so in the Super Bowl.

There was talk of Smith possibly considering retirement following the triceps injury, but the 12-year veteran appears to be leaning towards returning next season regardless of the rehab needed for his off-season surgery.

Although nowhere near 100 percent healthy at this point, Smith’s presence in the Super Bowl against the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday will be huge for the 49ers’ defense due to the double teams he continues to draw every single game. The game opens up for linebacker Aldon Smith as a result of the attention drawn by Smith.

With Joe Flacco looking to prove he’s among the league’s elite at the quarterback position on the biggest stage in the NFL, the 49ers’ best defensive players upfront will be very important in the team’s attempts to contain Flacco on Sunday in New Orleans, Louisiana.