49ers’ Jim Harbaugh Wants Randy Moss To Return Next Season

49ers’ Jim Harbaugh Wants Randy Moss To Return Next Season

5:16 pm

USATSI_8301783_154224518_lowresHead coach Jim Harbaugh was able to pull off an incredible feat last season by making the jump to the NFL level and becoming an instant success. Harbaugh left Stanford for the San Francisco 49ers and the consensus was that it would be a few years before the team would be able to compete as a playoff contender in the NFC.

Despite all the doubts surrounding Harbaugh’s decision due to few college coaches being successful in the league, the former NFL quarterback was able to make the transition without missing a beat. Harbaugh led the 49ers to an NFC Championship game right out of the gate in his first season in San Francisco and now has accomplished the same feat one year later.

One of the more controversial moves made by Harbaugh before heading into the 2012 campaign was bringing in veteran wide receiver Randy Moss.

With Moss not having the best track record with head coaches during his career, Harbaugh took a risk rolling the dice on the formerly retired wideout. Fortunately, the relationship between the two has worked and Moss has been a valuable piece to the puzzle, especially with the season-ending injury to Mario Manningham.

Harbaugh has been so impressed with Moss that he wants the veteran to return next season saying the following according to Steven Corkran of Contra Costa Times via Twitter:



Moss has clearly made an impression on Harbaugh during their first season together, but the veteran’s contract was only for one year and will expire at season’s end. Moss hasn’t let his intentions for the future be known and refused to comment on Harbaugh’s desire to see Moss back with the 49ers next season.

It’ll be interesting to see if Moss ultimately decides to retire after potentially winning that elusive Super Bowl title or returns for at least one more season with San Francisco being a legitimate Super Bowl title contender moving forward.