49ers’ Frank Gore Says Ravens ‘Got Away With One’ In Super Bowl

49ers’ Frank Gore Says Ravens ‘Got Away With One’ In Super Bowl

1:28 am

USATSI_8312854_154224518_lowresThe Baltimore Ravens were able to hold off the San Francisco 49ers in the Super Bowl XLVII on Sunday despite a late-game resurgence from Colin Kaepernick and company to cut the lead down to five points in the final minutes of the fourth quarter.

Although the Ravens were ultimately able to win their second Super Bowl in franchise history, a few controversial plays in the second half left a lot of people asking questions, including running back Frank Gore.

Apparently, Gore wasn’t too happy about the loss to the Ravens via StarAdvertiser.com:

“They got away with one,” running back Frank Gore said. “We showed we were the better team. It was just a couple plays here, a couple plays there.”

One play that was talked about more than most during and after the Super Bowl was a controversial no-call in the end zone late in the fourth quarter.

With the 49ers down five points and the clocking ticking away in the fourth quarter, Kaepernick threw a potential touchdown pass to Michael Crabtree. Kaepernick overthrew Crabtree, but the wideout appeared to have been held meriting a passing interference call on the Ravens.

Unfortunately for the 49ers, the refs neglected to make the call resulting in a turnover on downs. The play may have been the turning point in the 49ers’ comeback attempt with the team failing to get back on track after the missed call in the end zone.

Although a call could’ve been made during that play that may have completely changed the outcome of this game, Crabtree isn’t blaming the refs for the loss even though others like Harbaugh and Gore may disagree. 

Regardless of the blown call, the 49ers were unable to recover from such a large first-half deficit resulting in losing the first Super Bowl in franchise history while Lewis walks off into the sunset as a two-time champion.