2013 All-Star Game Preview; Will Harden Have Big Game?

2013 All-Star Game Preview; Will Harden Have Big Game?

9:00 am

8374923Well, let’s go over the teams once again.

Dwyane Wade (G, Miami Heat)
LeBron James (F, Miami Heat)
Carmelo Anthony (F, New York Knicks)
Chris Bosh (F/C, Miami Heat)
Kevin Garnett (F/C, Boston Celtics)
– – –
Jrue Holiday (G, Philadelphia 76ers)*
Kyrie Irving (G, Cleveland Cavaliers)*
Paul George (F, Indiana Pacers)*
Luol Deng (F, Chicago Bulls)
Tyson Chandler (C, New York Knicks)*
Joakim Noah (C, Chicago Bulls)*
Brook Lopez (C, Brooklyn Nets)*^

Chris Paul (G, Los Angeles Clippers)
Kobe Bryant (G, Los Angeles Lakers)
Kevin Durant (F, Oklahoma City Thunder)
Blake Griffin (F, Los Angeles Clippers)
Dwight Howard (C, Los Angeles Lakers)
– – –
James Harden (G, Houston Rockets)*
Tony Parker (G, San Antonio Spurs)
Russell Westbrook (G, Oklahoma City Thunder)
LaMarcus Aldridge (F, Portland Trail Blazers)
Zach Randolph (F, Memphis Grizzlies)
David Lee (F, Golden State Warriors)
Tim Duncan (F, San Antonio Spurs)

*first-time all-star*
^Lopez replaces Rajon Rondo, who’s out for the year

It’s a midseason exhibition and we know players don’t try too hard in All-Star games. But when it gets tight in the fourth quarter, then players will try to win.

But Kobe talked about not passing the ball (I’m sure he was serious). And then there’s the matter of getting the hometown boy, Harden, jhaving a good showing. Out of all the players in this game, LeBron tends to try the hardest, it seems. Plus he’s got the air of confidence nowadays that him taking over a game is just a cinch for him.

Miami Heat head man Erik Spoelstra is also coaching the game. So we know who he’s going to play the entire time. And I’m sure he’s aware that he’s got six first-time all-stars on his squad. On the other hand, we have Gregg Popovich from the Spurs coaching the West. We know who he’s not going to play.

So in the end, I think the East will take the game more seriously than the West. Kobe may not pass the ball for a while then realize Harden is the hometown boy. And since Harden is reunited with former Thunder teammates Westbrook and Durant, they’ll try to give Harden the ball and have him score 40.

But like I said, the East will be more serious about this.

FINAL SCORE PREDICTION: East 140, West 125. LeBron wins MVP.